17 Nov 2023

Outsourced tax preparation services to India

Within the field of accounting, the process of tax preparation frequently emerges as a necessary yet tedious and time-intensive task. For accounting firms in the U.S., who are already adept in navigating the intricate world of tax codes and financial consultation, the recurring task of tax preparation can occasionally seem like a diversion from their primary expertise.

This blog is dedicated to uncovering the advantages and subtleties of outsourced tax preparation services, tailor-made for U.S.-based accounting firms. We will probe into the fundamental services provided by these external firms and explore why India is rising as a favored location for this service, surpassing other alternatives like the Philippines.

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The Hurdles Presented By Tax Season

Tax season is frequently compared to a long race for CPA firms in the United States. Even though these firms are skilled at navigating complex tax codes, the immense amount of repetitive work during this time can be daunting. The job goes beyond just working with numbers; it involves data entry, checking documents, and making sure everything complies with the most recent tax laws—all of which take up a lot of time.

Additionally, tax season often overlaps with other financial and accounting/reporting cycles, adding more pressure on accounting firms to juggle various tasks. The outcome? Longer working hours, anxious staff, and attention spent on routine tasks that could be used for more beneficial services like financial advising or strategic planning.

Why Outsourcing Emerges as a Practical Solution

Considering these obstacles, the prospect of outsourcing tax preparation tasks emerges as a compelling alternative. It’s not merely about transferring duties; it’s about enhancing efficiency. By assigning the more monotonous elements of tax preparation to dedicated firms, CPA firms can liberate their internal resources. This shift allows them to concentrate on their core competencies—delivering superior financial advice and services to their clientele. CPA firms and Tax Practitioners frequently reap the following advantages:


In the bustling tax season, every moment is crucial, and the urgency to adhere to deadlines is paramount. Outsourcing tax preparation responsibilities can substantially save time for CPA firms. By transferring the mundane, yet time-intensive components of tax preparation, CPA firms can allocate their internal team to address more urgent and high-value activities.

Access to Specialized Knowledge

Although U.S.-based CPA firms hold expertise in their domain, the realm of taxation is extensive and continuously evolving. Outsourced tax entities like KMK collaborate with diverse CPA firms serving various clients. Consequently, outsourced firms often house specialists in the domain of tax preparation services for both individuals and businesses.

By partnering with an outsourced firm, CPA firms can tap into this specialized knowledge base as needed, without having to hire full-time specialists.

Client Satisfaction

Even though U.S.-based CPA firms possess high-level skills and are unlikely to commit mistakes, the overwhelming amount of work during tax season heightens the possibility of even minor oversights. Such errors can result in delays, discontent among clients, and in the most severe cases, financial penalties. Outsourced tax firms are dedicated to reducing such risks. Their exclusive focus on tax preparation and related services enables them to have established systems to identify and rectify errors before they escalate into significant issues.

Furthermore, outsourced firms like KMK consistently stay abreast with the most recent tax laws and compliance standards, mitigating the risk of non-compliance due to obsolete information. Their specialized knowledge serves as an extra layer of examination, ensuring the tax returns are precise, comprehensive, and in adherence to the current laws.

Proficiency in Tax Software

A paramount benefit of collaborating with outsourced tax experts like KMK is their adeptness in various tax software platforms. The staff at KMK is thoroughly trained and skilled with software such as Intuit Pro Connect, Lacerte, Ultra tax, Drake, CCH Axcess, and practice management solutions like Tax Domme & Canopy, to list a few. With this expertise, KMK’s team can seamlessly integrate with the existing systems and processes of the CPA firms

Services Provided by Outsourced Tax Firms

Outsourced tax experts can undertake a range of tax services, enabling CPA firms to extend a more inclusive array of services to their clientele. Let’s delve into different tax returns that the outsourcing entities can aid the CPA firms with:

LLC Partnership Tax Returns – Form 1065

Outsourced tax experts are adept at managing the preparation of Form 1065 for LLCs and partnerships. They oversee the allocation of income to partners and ensure the accurate preparation and distribution of Schedule K-1 forms. Additionally, they guarantee the correct carry forward of the basis.

C Corporation Tax Returns – Form 1120

For C Corporations, outsourced professionals are proficient in preparing Form 1120, considering books to tax adjustments and the preparation of schedules M-1, M-2 & L. They can also provide assistance with the preparation of 5471’s & 5472’s for foreign reporting.

S Corporation Tax Returns – Form 1120S

Outsourced tax experts can handle the unique filing requirements for S Corporations, including the preparation of Form 1120S and related shareholder schedules. They can also aid in the preparation of work papers & schedules, streamlining the review process for CPA firms.

Trust Tax Returns – Form 1041

Outsourced tax experts can also oversee the tax returns for trusts, ascertain the type of trust and its tax obligations, and file the appropriate tax returns.

Individual Tax Returns – Form 1040

For individual tax returns, outsourced professionals can prepare Form 1040, considering various income sources, deductions, and credits. This typically encompasses documents such as W-2s, 1099s, and records of estimated tax payments. They can assist with the preparation of tax returns up to the point where there are no e-filing diagnostics left in the tax return, significantly reducing the review time of CPA firms.

From filing specific forms to adhering to deadlines for various tax obligations, these outsourced firms manage the details of compliance, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy. They can also produce detailed reports that can be shared with clients or utilized for internal reviews.


In conclusion, outsourcing tax preparation services to companies like KMK presents numerous advantages for U.S.-based CPA firms. From simplifying intricate processes to accessing specialized expertise, the benefits are evident. Specifically, India emerges as a prime choice for outsourcing, providing a vast talent pool and exceptional quality of work. As the industry progresses, now is the ideal time for CPA firms to contemplate this beneficial strategy. Adopting outsourcing can not only augment your service offerings but also place your firm on a path for heightened success and client satisfaction in a progressively competitive market.

About KMK

KMK stands at the forefront of tax preparation services, renowned for its unmatched expertise and team depth. Boasting a robust ensemble of over 450 seasoned professionals, we provide tailored tax solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of CPA firms across diverse industries. Strategically positioned in both the USA and India, we leverage our global reach to offer local insights, bolstered by a time overlap that ensures seamless collaboration and timely responsiveness. Trust and transparency are woven into our fabric, epitomized by our unwavering commitment to data security and confidentiality. At KMK, we don’t just offer tax preparation services—we craft bespoke solutions, each meticulously designed to address the unique requirements of our esteemed CPA clientele.

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