Accounting Solutions Company

Banking & General Ledger Maintenance

We at KMK recognize the value of accurate and efficient banking and general ledger maintenance in the business sector. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to offering high-quality accounting outsourcing services, with a particular emphasis on banking and ledger management.  

Our services are intended for enterprises of all kinds, from small start-ups to large corporations. We understand the specific problems that firms operating in the United States confront, and we’re here to help you manage them successfully. 

Bank Reconciliations

In the business world, precision is critical. Our bank reconciliation services assure the accuracy and timeliness of your financial data. We check your internal financial records to your bank statements attentively, discovering and resolving any differences. This procedure not only ensures correctness but also aids in the detection and prevention of fraudulent actions. 

Journal Entry Postings

Our staff is skilled at managing your financial transactions precisely. We handle journal entry posts, ensuring that all of your business transactions are recorded in the relevant accounts. This solution ensures that your financial data is well-organized and accessible for analysis and reporting. 

Reconcile Control Accounts

Control accounts are critical for ensuring the accuracy of your financial data. Our professionals reconcile control accounts, ensuring that the overall amount owing to (or by) your company equals the total amount from your individual debtor (or creditor) accounts. This service aids in the maintenance of accurate financial records and promotes efficient financial management. 

Accruals and Prepayments

We understand the importance of accurate timing in financial reporting. Our team manages accruals and prepayments, ensuring that revenue and expenses are recognized in the period they are incurred, regardless of when the money is received or paid. This service enhances the accuracy of your financial statements, providing a clearer picture of your business’s financial performance. 

Manage Consolidation

Consolidation can be a difficult process for companies with several subsidiaries. Our staff streamlines this procedure by unifying financial statements, providing a full perspective of the financial situation of your whole business group. This solution enables you to make smart business decisions based on precise, consolidated financial data. 

Partner with KMK today to fulfill your banking and general ledger maintenance requirements with seamless efficiency and a focus on expansion.