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Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is an integral part of bookkeeping process and it requires highly diligent efforts. The dynamic taxes & employee regulations make payroll handling tedious and difficult to accomplish with precision. Accurate and timely payroll processing is important to remain in compliance with tax and other regulations as well as maintaining employee morale. We provide Payroll Outsourcing services to USA. We simplify and streamline the management of your contingent workforce. This gives an edge to our clients to save considerable bandwidth, resources & time spent on payroll processing.

Why should you hire us?

  • Our workforce is expert in Payroll outsourcing services USA. We eliminate your payrolling paperwork; in turn increasing your valuable work hours.
  • We offer significantly lower markups on your contingent workforce program, thus ensuring serious savings for your bottom line.
  • Our cutting edge client portal allows you to connect to your contingent workers anytime, from any device; resulting in instant adaptation to changing workflows.
  • Outsourcing payroll services shall help you for pre-employment screening and security clearance facilitation. This shall give you confidence with every hire.
  • Our services include weekly, biweekly or semi monthly payroll processing, withholding taxes, FUTA, FICA, SUI and few insurances including Medicare and worker compensation insurance. We also prepare and manage W-2 statements along with federal state and local required tax reports for the employees.
  • With the state of art technology of softwares such as ADP Workforce Now, PayChex, PayCom, etc., we abridge and reorganize your complex processes. This in turn shall minimize risks, fines and penalties pertaining to late or incorrect filings.

We can assist with the following:

  • Set up employee master details in the software including name, address, tax residency, number of dependents, filing status, city tax applicability, deductions for medical and dental insurance, FSA, workers compensation coding, hourly wage rate or periodic salary rate and so on.
  • Maintain employee master details – We work with our clients to obtain periodic changes for employees and update them in payroll software.
  • Gather all processing information including timesheets, HR records including number of days off, sick days etc. to analyze and ensure that we provide compensation for these odd balls (such as sick days pay-out in NYC employees) and we deduct the amount for excess vacation days taken and so on.
  • Run payroll cycle and provide reports to clients for final review.
  • Submit payroll once we obtain approval from the client.
  • Ensure timely compliance and filing of returns including Form 941, 940 and state withholding and state unemployment returns.
  • Ensure timely issuance of Form W-2s and filing of W-3.