Payroll Processing

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The heartbeat of every business lies in its workforce, and efficient payroll processing is at the core of fostering this workforce. At KMK & Associates, we understand that your employees are not just another number on a spreadsheet, but the backbone of your success. As a leading payroll service provider in India, we offer diligent and precision-driven payroll outsourcing services to the USA. 


Whether you have one employee or a team in the hundreds, the commitment to accuracy in payroll remains unwavering. KMK thrives on turning the intricate process of payroll into a streamlined, hassle-free experience. Leveraging a diverse range of payroll software including Intuit Proconnect, CCH Axcess, and Drake, we adapt to your needs and ensure that your workforce is paid on time, every time.


  • Unmatched Expertise: Our seasoned professionals, skilled in payroll outsourcing services to the USA, are adept at banishing payroll paperwork, giving you the gift of time to invest in your core business objectives. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: We pride ourselves on offering significant savings through lower markups on your contingent workforce program, directly bolstering your bottom line. 
  • On-the-go Accessibility: Our state-of-the-art client portal enables seamless connectivity with your contingent workforce from any device, ensuring instantaneous adjustments to fluctuating workflows. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From pre-employment screenings to security clearance facilitation, our payroll outsourcing services has you covered. Gain confidence with every hire, knowing KMK is handling the nitty-gritty. 
  • Versatile Services: Our extensive payroll outsourcing services to USA encompasses everything from payroll processing cycles (weekly, biweekly, or semi-monthly), tax withholdings, and insurance management, to the preparation of W-2 statements and mandatory tax reports. 
  • Modern Technology: Utilizing top-tier software like ADP Workforce Now and PayCom, we simplify and organize your complex processes, safeguarding you from risks, fines, and penalties due to late or incorrect filings.


  • Software Setup: We initiate the process by setting up comprehensive software master details. 
  • Master Detail Maintenance: Your payroll software stays up-to-date with regular employee detail updates. 
  • Payroll Cycle Management: We run the payroll cycle, collate processing information, and provide comprehensive reports for your final review. 
  • Compliance Assurance: With us, timely filing and compliance with state withholding, unemployment, and federal returns are guaranteed. 
  • W-2 Management: We handle the filing of W-3s and ensure the timely issuance of W-2s. 

 More than just a service, KMK provides a partnership that offers regular system updates, attentive customer service, swift corrections, and reliable confirmations of report submissions and timely payments. 

Join hands with KMK for a payroll processing experience that ensures reduced expenses, efficient processes, and steadfast compliance. Let’s redefine the way payroll is managed – together.