Outsourcing Solutions for U.S.A. based CPA Firms

Accounting outsourcing

KMK offer back office support services to the clients, so that tax professionals and CPA firms can focus on strategic expansion of their business.

Business Return Outsourcing to India

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, CPA firms are often inundated with an array of complex tasks and responsibilities. At KMK, we empower these firms with our expertise in offering comprehensive outsourcing solutions, allowing you to focus on what you do best – strategic business expansion. 

Seamless and Cost-Effective: CPA Firms Outsourcing to India

With a profound understanding of the accounting industry, we’ve come to realize that many Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are in need of reliable and affordable support to operate at their peak. We provide precisely that. With KMK, U.S.-based CPA firms outsourcing to India, can unburden themselves from the cumbersome back-office tasks and devote their energies towards the strategic growth of their businesses. 

Enhancing the Future of Accounting: Outsourcing for CPA 

What if the initial idea of cost reduction could transform into a potent method of enhancing your firm’s efficiency? That’s what outsourcing accounting work from the U.S. to India has achieved. Over the years, we have harnessed proven methodologies and workflow procedures to deliver impeccable accounting outsourcing services to CPA firms. 

Our services are not restricted to only one dimension of accounting. We offer a vast spectrum of solutions tailored to the unique requirements of CPA firms outsourcing to India, including: 

Experience Smooth Operations: Offshore CPA back office support

When you work with KMK, you’re not just outsourcing; you’re entering into a relationship that shares your vision and values. We blend into your company environment with our secure file sharing solutions, a team of qualified specialists, well-organized work papers, and an effective project management system. 

Imagine having a dedicated team that functions as a well-oiled machine, delivering outstanding results even during your busiest periods. We take the helm of your processing challenges, freeing you to concentrate on cultivating client relationships and business growth. 

Embrace the KMK advantage and step into a future where accounting doesn’t slow you down but propels you forward. Connect with us to know more about back office support for CPA.

We are assisting our clients by providing tax preparation services for the huge corporate returns including S Corp (1120S), 1120s outsourcing service, Trusts (1041), Partnership firms and Limited Liability Companies (1065) and personal tax returns (1040).  We have a great team of professionals that are very well versed in United States tax instructions, forms and regulation to provide the best in class tax return preparation services.

We support our customer with our methodical and detail oriented approach specialized staff to process the tax return and well explained work processes and papers. We are highly confident in reducing our review time significantly which allow you to focus on adding more customers to your work profile and enhancing the size of your business.

Our internal organization processes make sure the continuous learning of our staff so that we can remain u to date while offering tax return preparation services to our customers. Our professionals are aware of the recent tax law changes due to the Job Acts and The Tax Cuts of 2017. Our sleek training work procedure ensure that our experts remain in pace with the latest software, technology and workflow processes to increase on-the-job efficiency for tax processing.

When companies use 1040 prepare outsource to India, they do not have to spend time on the ever-changing legislation updates. KMK simplifies the complicated tax laws for you. You focus on growing your accounting outsourcing services USA and taking the business to a new success level. Accountants and US CPA firms in India who take advantage of accounting outsourcing to India CPA can easily drive tech-related and digitalization initiatives.

BPO outsourcing organizations in India access online financial journals and purchase several CCH publications. With 1040 outsourcing to India, you can easily avail tax processing services, with our 1040 prep outsource to India, we try to serve you better management of money with optimum tax payment.

Outsourcing Work from USA to India

We offer CPA Outsourcing Services USA. We provide innovative procedure to CPA’s to manage their tax compliance and meeting their tax filing deadlines. We carefully evaluate balance sheet of our clients and classify each component including the loss and profit items. By receiving the accounting outsourcing services USA, CPA can effortlessly interrupt the treatment and taxability to various accounts. The observations made later is shared to the client and considered before the final research of the tax return. Our services include:

  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Services related to withholding taxes
  • Filing of e-income tax and e-TDS returns
  • Support services for obtaining PAN
  • Tax deduction account numbers

The best part of accounting outsourcing to India CPA is the business owner retains control over security, sensitive data, processes, and more. Any US CPA services or CPA firm in USA owner focusing on their company’s longevity should take advantage of BPO outsourcing in India or our CPA outsourcing services USA.

Bookkeeping is a very time consuming, tedious and low profit margin engagement for any CPA firm.  This is exactly where we can help & make this a profitable proposal for you.  Our staff is very well equipped with entire bookkeeping process starting from recording the transactions to preparing periodic financial statements.

We have set up processes to automate entire bookkeeping processes for our clients including:

  • Gathering all information such as bank statements, credit card statements, invoices, bills, deposit slip, cancelled checks and so on
  • Recording transactions and coding them into a general ledger
  • Prepare a list of open items that require additional information / clarification from the clients
  • Prepare and record adjustments to finalize books periodically
  • Prepare periodic financial statements and corresponding work papers to facilitate overall review process
  • Keeping a track of form W-9 for vendor payments and ensuring form 1099s are filed and issued in time
  • Proactively sending reminders for various due dates of compliances like estimated federal tax payments, sales tax payments, payroll tax payments & so on.

These processes along with our standard well defined work-papers; help our clients to save a lot of time.  Our staff is well trained with multiple accounting software including, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, Buildium, Xero, SAP Business One, Oracle NetSuite, Sage, Zohobooks and so on.

Payroll processing is an important part of bookkeeping process and it highly requires highly industriously efforts. Timely and accurate payroll processing is vital to remain in compliance with tax and other formability and maintaining employee morale. At KMK, we coordinate with our clients to process payroll for their employees with the help of payroll software like PayChex, ADP Workforce, PayCom etc.

We can help our customer with the following services:-

  • All we need is to set up master details in the payroll software including the address, name, number of dependents, city tax applicability, filling status, deduction for dental and medical insurance, hourly wage rate, FSA, workers compensation coding and so on.
  • Maintain master and employee details- we ought to work with our customers to obtain timely changes for employees and update them in our high-end payroll software.
  • Accumulate all required processing information including HR records, timesheets, day offs, sick leave etc in order to determine and make sure that we have provided compensation for these odd balls and deduct the viable amount for the excess holidays taken and so on.
  • Run and provide payroll cycle and report to customers for final review.
  • Once the payroll is submitted we can obtain approval from the customer.
  • Make sure timely filling and compliance of returns including the form 940, 941 and state unemployment and state withholding returns.
  • Make sure you have timely insurance of filling W-3 and form W-2s.

Sales & Use tax compliance is one of the important engagements for CPA firm.  Timely and accurate filing of sales & use tax returns is vital to ensure compliance and avoid any potential penalties.  We work with our clients to help them prepare and file sales & use tax returns for all states across United States.

We can assist you with:

  • Prepare standard work paper defining gross sales and taxable sales and sales tax liability for each applicable state
  • Prepare sales tax returns both online or via manual PDF forms
  • Track resale certificates on file and ensure compliance
  • Keeping track of all supporting schedules that reconcile with general ledger to ensure our client is “audit-proof”
  • Keeping track of all sales tax updates to inform our clients so that they may collect accurate sales tax from end customers

We work with our clients to perform agreed upon procedures based on client requirements.  CPA firms need to provide such support to their clients to ensure external third party checks and balance in their internal control system.

Some of the examples include:

  • Accounts payable support
  • Accounts receivable support
  • Conducting review & preparing work-papers for audit & assurance services
  • Management Information System Reporting including  – Analysis of financial statements, Cost analysis reports,  Budget vs. Actual financial reporting