Tax Return Preparation

Tax Preparation Outsourcing

We provide tax preparation outsourcing in USA. Our services include preparation of 1040 – Personal tax returns, 1041 – Trusts, 1065 – for Limited Liability Companies and Partnership firms, 1120 – C Corporations, and 1120S – S Corporations. We are well-versed with the regulations, forms, and instructions needed to provide the best-outsourced tax return preparation services.

We are very detail-oriented & methodical with our approach, and our specialized staff process tax returns and prepare well-defined work papers to facilitate the overall review process. We analyze clients’ financial statements and relevant information in detail for proper classification and to optimize clients’ tax liabilities.

Outosourcing tax return preparation allows companies to execute processes and focus on their business to generate revenue. It allows them to expand their business and add clients to their portfolios. Their focus is on core operations.

Tax return outsourcing to India enables clients to reduce costs by 50 to 60 percent. It stabilizes volatile staffing constraints faced by clients. They can better utilize the staff throughout the year.

In today’s world, the tax preparation laws are more complicated than they have ever been. The internal organization processes we use to ensure continuous training for our staff. We stay up to date as we provide our clients with tax preparation services. Our team is updated with changes in the law due to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, CARES Act as well as Economic Aid Act.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing to India

CPA firms often spend too much time and resources after-tax returns preparation which generally results in low-profit margin work compared to high-end consulting. CPA firms with goals of better returns and lower expenses cut costs by leveraging tax preparation outsourcing to India.

A few fundamental changes in how CPA firm’s operation i.e., turning into more virtual tax preparation services and being digital and cloud-based help these firms improve their bottom lines.

Companies outsource tax preparation services to focus on their business and execute processes that generate revenue, which enables them to focus on adding more clients to their portfolio & expand their business. They in turn focus more on the core operations.

Tax return outsourcing to India enables the clients to reduce their costs by 50%- 60%. Tax preparation outsourcing India stabilizes the otherwise volatile staffing constraints clients face by enabling them to better utilize staff throughout the year.

We at KMK believe in taking a very proactive & dynamic approach when it comes to technology. We are equipped with the latest softwares listed below:

  • Intuit Proconnect
  • Intuit Lacert
  • Intuit Proseries
  • CCH Axcess
  • CCH Pro System FX
  • Ultratax
  • Drake

Tax returns preparation outsourcing to India, and CPA outsourcing services USA is available to businesses as well as accounting firms. Many CPA firms prefer to outsource, particularly during the busy season. Your company has access to skilled staff and updated technology. This enables your processes and procedures to improve with minimal effort.