Management Consultancy

Debtors Management USA

A trustworthy financial advisor is a must for a venture to be successful. It is vital to put the right foot forward. KMK & Associates provides exhaustive A to Z Management Consultancy services to firms. We direct our customers in Debtors Management USA with preparation of project report, strategic planning, developing MIS, business development strategies, providing consultancy and suggesting cost controls procedures on routine matters.  We carry out the following functions as management consultants:

We carry out the following functions as management consultants:

  • We review existing business processes, accounting processes, system set up on ‘as is’ basis and make recommendations to optimize financial resources.
  • We review MIS (Management Information System) and make recommendations to implement a system to retrieve accurate management reporting.
  • We carry out internal audit on periodic basis
  • We also advise the client on the future business opportunities and prospects. We offer detailed consultancy on strategic decision making like business reorganizations with the help of mergers, demerger decisions and mergers.
  • We review, recommend and implement financial control measures and mechanisms for the organization.
  • We are critically involved in evaluation and functioning of all the departments of the firm in order to maintain effective control.
  • We enable the clients to take feasible decisions by providing them with daily automated reporting systems linked to their accounting software.
  • Based on our findings about the organization, we suggest the management to implement suitable technology driven system to execute better control. We also assist them in ERP implementation.
  • We continuously review the books of accounts, manage inventory, advise clients on their investments, tax compliance etc.
  • Overall, we basically help the client understand the nexus of the market. We also analyze the market for well positioning of your organization. And thus we create strategies to promote growth, lower overheads and optimize resource utilization.

Debtors management is a very tricky thing as you have to be consistent while chasing them, keeping the cordiality in relationship intact. Just imagine you had a dedicated staff member who could follow up with your debtors every week or month; all round the year and pursue them well to get your payment at the earliest. KMK Associates and LLP is your that staff member and we do Debtors management USA by implementing follow-up system with your clients.

Accounts Receivable

We prepare invoices for you and send them to your clients directly. We keep track of the payments done, time of payment and we feed the details of payments made against respective sales in our software. This gives you a perfect estimate of your organizational working.

Debtor Management Laws

Debtors management USA have specific laws and we have to obey those. We are constantly updated about these and our staff works accordingly to streamline your processes. We aim at maintaining decent liquidity of our client.

Follow up

Debtors management USA is done through mails and calls. We can send friendly email reminders to your customers (from your email) and we can make follow up calls as a member of your organization. We send you customized reports giving you complete information about your receivables. Our follow up approach can be friendly, formal or harsh; the choice is completely yours. The end result is your clients paying you on time and a much more consistent cash flow!