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Why to Outsource?


The benefits of choosing an outsourcing company for your accounting needs are compelling. Not only does it alleviate the burden of intricate financial tasks but also empowers your firm with a dynamic team of experts. Outsourcing for CPA firms presents a cost-effective solution, offering you superior service without the hassle of training or overhead costs. Experience unparalleled flexibility, streamlined operations, and refined accounting standards that elevate your firm to new heights. 

KMK Ventures — where outsourcing means outperforming! 

With our tried and tested processes, you will experience improved productivity and thereby increase your profits.  Many CPA firms experience bottlenecks in order to expand their operations.  CPA firms get caught up with a lot of day-to-day activities which are not productive for them.  This prevents their future growth and expansion plans.  Outsourcing for CPA firms will help them offload their bookkeeping, accounting, monthly finalization, sales tax compliance, payroll processing, and yearly tax return preparation so that they can focus on client relationship and consulting.

Scale up and scale down your resources requirements as you may need it rather than committing to fixed employee costs.  CPA firms experience limitation when their execution capacity has maxed out due to day-to-day operational activities.  In order to expand further CPA firms require help that is available on-demand.  While we can create multiple creative models that work for our clients, primary benefit will be to convert their fixed costs into variable costs.

With geographical time difference and our flexibility to provide overlap of hours to collaborate, CPA firms may leverage advantages of round the clock operations. Outsourcing for CPA firms helps them maintain round-the-clock operations, resulting in a substantial improvement in turnaround time for their clients.

While CPA firms’ fixed employee costs turns into on-demand variable costs, their capital expenditure of IT infrastructure will reduce as well.  CPA firms will be offloading all of their day-to-day execution to us and simply focus on client relationships and strategic high-end consulting business.  This results into us setting up the infrastructure on our end resulting into massive cost savings for CPA firms.

When CPA firms leverage 24 X 7 operations, result is a huge improvement in their turn-around time.  With our flexible timings and ability to provide CPA firms with overlap of collaboration hours, they will be able to improve turnaround time significantly, especially in tax season time, when time is of the essence. We work with our clients tirelessly during tax season and stick to our pre-set time schedules of deliverables.  We thrive to maintain high standards with timeliness as well as quality of work.

Our clients will be able to leverage massive advantage of lower operational cost with outsourcing model.  Rising cost of labor limits our clients to expand their operations.  We have been successful in providing our clients with very cost effective yet qualitative solutions enabling them to expand their client portfolio and improve their profitability.  Our clients have been successful in lowering their operation costs by over 75%.