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Domestic Financial Outsourcing Services

KMK is in the business of increasing your business.

KMK & Associates LLP laid its strong foundation in the year 2007 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  We are one of the leading chartered accountants firms today, which established itself strongly and widely through Gujarat in a span of 13 years. We provide expert and professional domestic financial outsourcing services with that extra personal touch which makes our goodwill so strong.  Our work horizons are successfully spread across Gujarat at Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, and Baroda.

KMK & Associates LLP is a team of high energy and dynamic individuals having nine Chartered Accountants and thirty other accounting and finance professionals who are committed to deliver quality work.  Our people are the heart of our organization.  We provide following domestic financial outsourcing services:

The company is among the top providers of debt syndication services in Gujarat. It has been dealing in the field of debt syndication for last 14 years having presence in the city of Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot and Bhavnagar.  The firm has been dealing in all industrial segments including real estate, chemical, pharma, paper, tiles, infrastructure, renewable energy, food processing, iron and steel, packaging, automotive, trading business etc.

The firm deals with all sectors of banks including public sector banks, private banks, foreign banks and NBFC’s.

Support services of KMK & Associates comprise

  • structuring and critical assessment of short, medium and long term financial requirement
  • charting out financial plan and identifying size and type of debt requirement
  • sanctioning long term loan, preparing required documents
  • execution of loan disbursal
  • placement of debentures
  • preference shares with investment institutions, investors, mutual funds and banks

The firm has been an active player in the field of private equity finance and placement for minority and majority buy and sell transactions through funds or multi nationals.

The company has been dealing in private equity placements since last 3 years for its various clients in the state of Gujarat.  The firm has been involved in various deals in the sectors of food processing, packaging and automotives.

A trustworthy financial advisor is a must for a venture to be successful.  It is vital to put the right foot forward.  KMK & Associates provides exhaustive A to Z Management Consultancy services to firms.  We guide our clients in relation to strategic planning, preparation of project reports, business development strategies, developing MIS, suggesting cost controls measures and providing consultancy on routine matters.  We carry out the following functions as management consultants:

We carry out the following functions as management consultants:

  • We review existing business processes, accounting processes, system set up on ‘as is’ basis and make recommendations to optimize financial resources.
  • We review MIS (Management Information System) and make recommendations to implement a system to retrieve accurate management reporting.
  • We carry out internal audit on periodic basis
  • We also advise the client on the future business opportunities and prospects. We provide consultancy on strategic decision-making such as business reorganizations through takeovers, mergers and demerger decisions.
  • We review, recommend and implement financial control measures and mechanisms for the organization.
  • We are critically involved in evaluation and functioning of all the departments of the firm in order to maintain effective control.
  • We enable the clients to take feasible decisions by providing them with daily automated reporting systems linked to their accounting software.
  • Based on our findings about the organization, we suggest the management to implement suitable technology driven system to execute better control.  We also assist them in ERP implementation.
  • We continuously review the books of accounts, manage inventory, advise clients on their investments, tax compliance etc.
  • Overall, we basically help the client understand the nexus of the market.  We also analyze the market for well positioning of your organization.  And thus we create strategies to promote growth, lower overheads and optimize resource utilization.

Auditing and Assurance service is the core of any financial management set up.  Stockholders, creditors and private investors need assurance that the financial statements of an organization reflect its true and fair position.  Auditing comprise methodical review, examination and analysis of financial statements.  It also includes verification of specific information provided by the auditor.


It includes reviewing compliance of accounting procedures, provisions of company law, tax laws and other related laws & standards and guidelines as recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for India, in sync with international accounting norms.  Statutory audit in recent times has become extremely difficult and complicated due to globalization, volatile business and statutory environment and compliance of global accounting standards.

Our statutory audit team at KMK & Associates takes pride in having a deep understanding and expertise of Accounting Standards, Company’s Law, General Accepted Accounting Principles, International Financial and Reporting Standards.  We analyze the performance of the company with the help of ratios, cash flows and analytical tools.  We report the performance to the board of directors.  As statutory auditors, we maintain high ethical and professional benchmarks.  Our statutory auditors are efficient Chartered Accountants exclusively trained for conducting statutory audit under company act, income tax, labor laws and other applicable laws.


According to the Income Tax Act 1961, the books of accounts of a businessman or a professional need to be audited according to the provisions in the act if the turnover or gross receipt exceed the specified limits of the act.  Section 44AB lays down the provisions for the taxpayers to get their accounts audited.

We provide comprehensive tax audit services based on the requirements of the Income Tax Act.  We endeavor in keeping our team and our clients updated with the latest amendment to laws.  Our tax audit services also include envisioning proper tax planning for our clients.  Apart from issuing tax audit report including our findings, observations etc; we also advise our clients for long term gains.  We take pride in mentioning the fact that our firm has also been empaneled to carry out special audit under section 142(2A) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Internal audit pertains to a management tool used to review and analyze the operations of an entity and guide the management in implementing corrective actions accordingly.  Internal Audit has evolved tremendously.  It involves a huge scope of audit that ensures proper functioning of all domains of an organization like sales, finance, HR, inventory, utilization of resources etc.

Internal audit team at KMK & Associates strives to conduct internal audit with the highest standards of auditing procedures and ensures all the compliances of the client’s requirements.  We work independently and objectively to add value to the operations of the organizations through audit and assurance services.


Bank audit involves reviewing banks and financial entities.  It relates to focusing on the accuracy, completeness and legitimacy of the financial activities of banks.  This is carried out by special auditors.  It is vital to carry out bank audit periodically as prescribed.

KMK & Associates has high experience in bank audit of banks.  Through Concurrent audit, we examine financial transactions to verify if they have been conducted in accordance with the systems and procedures laid down.  We have been empanelled on various nationalized and private banks to conduct the daily concurrent audit as well as annual statutory audit.

We have a robust tax practice at KMK & Associates. Keeping up to date with the regulations and reporting obligations regularly is time consuming.  We advise your company about the current tax environment by developing, planning and complying tax strategies and tolls that suit the best.  We offer advice in structured finance, real estate transactions, tax litigation and tax structuring.

We offer the following direct and indirect tax services:

  • Direct Taxes
    Strategic business decisions require appropriate direct tax strategy and for that, right tax advice is needed.  With increased competition, tax efficient structure for corporates is a must.  This minimizes their tax burden and ensures proper compliance. Efficient direct tax strategy helps to avoid potential litigation.  AT KMK & Associates, we provide services like Tax planning, analysis on tax incentives, devising employee emolument structure, Tax return of corporates and non-corporates etc.
  • Indirect Taxes
    Business transactions require indirect tax determination through expert decision-making process.  Due to continuously evolving indirect tax laws, there is a constant need to reframe your tax strategies to incorporate new changes resulting in tax efficiency and robust compliance.  We provide in- depth counselling on GST.