25 Aug 2023

Offshore Staffing for CPA Firms

In the evolving landscape of the accounting industry, accounting firms are at the forefront
of embracing innovative strategies to stay competitive. Rather than adhering strictly to
traditional practices, these firms are exploring global avenues to optimize their operations.
One such strategy that has garnered significant attention is Offshore Staffing. 

Offshore staffing for CPA firms

This new staffing approach involves leveraging the expertise of professionals from various
parts of the world, ensuring not only efficiency but also a diverse skill set. A prime example
of this global collaboration is the increasing role of India in offshore staffing.

India: The Offshore Staffing Hub

India has become central to this kind of work. The reason? A staggering 2.7 million graduates
in commerce and related fields join the Indian workforce annually. This vast talent pool,
combined with value for money, has made India a preferred destination for accounting and
tax-related tasks.

Moreover, India’s strategic time zone advantage plays a pivotal role in its dominance in
offshore staffing. With a time difference of nearly 9-12 hours with major Western countries,
Indian professionals can work while their Western counterparts are off-duty, ensuring a
24/7 work cycle. This round-the-clock operational capability has led to faster turnaround
times and increased productivity.

Transitioning into the broader global perspective, the availability of round-the-clock talent
coupled with the digital era has transformed the globe into a singular, interconnected workspace. 

Dynamics of the US and India working together

India, with its competitive pricing and skilled workforce, has captured a lion’s share of this
market, further solidifying its position as a global hub for business process outsourcing.

A testament to this is the trend of outsourcing accounting and tax work to India. This isn’t a
fleeting phenomenon. Recent data indicates that the global market for outsourced accounting
and tax services has witnessed consistent growth of approximately 15% annually over the past

Building on India’s prominence in the global outsourcing arena, offshore work is significantly
reshaping the operational dynamics of accounting firms. The offshore CPA Back Office, a
segment dedicated to internal operations and processes of accounting firms, is witnessing
rapid growth. By collaborating with companies like KMK Associates & LLP, many accounting
firms have reported savings of up to 50% on operational costs.

The combination of skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology in countries like India
is accelerating this transformative shift.

What the Numbers Say  

Analyzing the market dynamics, it becomes evident that offshore taxservice demand is growing
exponentially. By 2025, the industry is projected to grow by a staggering 12%,
with countries like
India leading the vanguard. Within this panorama, outsourced tax preparation service is
witnessing a surging demand, propelling firms like KMK Associates & LLP to hone their
specialization further and contribute significantly to this market trajectory.

This growth is mainly because offshore accounting and tax services guarantee rigorous adherence
to international accounting standards and tax regulations. Expert professionals, equipped with
global knowledge, are proficient in managing complex tasks ranging from financial statement
preparation to tax return processing for businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations.

A Deeper Look Into Offshore Accounting Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services:

With the forecast that nearly 40% of CPA firms will collaborate with offshore partners by 2025,
companies like KMK Associates & LLP become invaluable allies, offering optimal efficiency in
handling accounting tasks, and allowing CPA firms to focus on client relationships and strategic

The reason for this rise in offshore staffing is that companies like KMK offer a comprehensive
suite of solutions in Accounting & Bookkeeping.

  • Detailed General Ledger Maintenance upholds transactional accuracy.
  • Efficient handling of Accounts Payable & Receivable ensures streamlined transactions.
  • Precision shines through with Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation, identifying and
    resolving discrepancies.
  • Comprehensive Payroll Processing abides by U.S. regulations, ensuring all calculations
    are spot-on.
  • Month-end and Year-end Closing support guarantees timely and accurate report

Tax Preparation Services:

With tax seasons becoming increasingly demanding, the key isn’t just knowledge, but efficiency
and scalability. Offshore staffing provides the bandwidth for CPA firms to manage multiple client
portfolios simultaneously, ensuring deadlines are met with precision. 

U.S.A based CPA firms can lean on offshore staffing from India for a robust suite of Tax Preparation
solutions such as:

  • Expertise in Federal Tax Preparation covers individuals, corporations, and more.
  • Precision in State and Local Tax Preparation ensures regional compliance.
  • Tax Documentation Management keeps critical records organized and accessible.

The fusion of onshore expertise with offshore agility means CPA firms can confidently navigate
the busiest times of the year.

Audit Support Services:

The complexity of audits requires meticulous attention, a challenge when juggling multiple
clients. Offshore teams offer a continuous, 24/7 review mechanism, ensuring audits are
and timely by offering the following:

  • Meticulous reviews of financial statements ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • Organized audit work papers that lay the groundwork for comprehensive audits, both
    and prospective.
  • Updated insights into U.S. GAAP and IFRS standards come from consistent audit
    planning and technical research.
  • Analytical procedures employed delve into financial data, spotlighting patterns and
    ensuring consistency.
  • Report and footnote drafting align with the highest accounting standards.
  • Effective management of PBC lists and specialized audit procedures tailored to specific
    industries elevate the auditing process.

Once again, KMK leads the way in offshore audit support. They offer many services to help
international accounting firms ensure perfect audits. The partnership between accounting
firms and companies like KMK Associates is the future—it’s smooth, fast, and super detailed.

Role of firms like KMK in offshore staffing

The array of services offered by KMK  & Associates LLP is both diverse and focused. The
company’s expertise extends from offshore tax preparation to CPA back-office operations.
Through customized solutions and technological integration, they are redefining the
paradigms of efficiency and accuracy.  

KMK Associates’ success is not an anecdote, but a ledger narrated through numerous client
testimonials. Reports of operational cost savings of up to 50% and improvements in process
efficiency of 35% are not rare. A footprint across the continents echoes KMK’s global appeal
and effectiveness.  

Beyond numbers, it has been pivotal in creating employment opportunities, enhancing skill
sets, and bolstering India’s reputation as an offshore staffing giant. As of 2023, KMK Associates
employs over 450 professionals in India, a testament to its commitment and impact.  

Embracing the Future  

Offshore staffing is all about combining new ideas, working efficiently, and having a big goal
that fits global aims. One big part of this is the partnership with India’s talented workers,
changing how accounting firms in the U.S. work.

KMK Associates is leading the way in this change. They’re not just joining in; they’re helping set
the direction. Their work in offshore tax preparation and support for accounting firms shows
what offshore staffing can do. Every time they work with a company, they offer the fantastic
things that can come from working together globally.

Simply put, offshore staffing is more than just a smart move in today’s world. It’s a sign of where
the future is headed—a world where experts from everywhere work together, teamwork is the
key, and success is a group effort from people all over the planet.

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